Kava Bar Q&A

Kava Bar Q&A What is a Kava Bar? A Kava Bar, first and foremost is a place for people, specifically a place for people to drink Kava, relax, and enjoy good company. What do you find in a Kava Bar? Well, you find Kava and you find friendly people. Kava has been described as “having all the buzz of beer but none of the stupid.” Kava relaxes the mind and improves one’s mood without clouding judgment.

A true Kava Bar is place you should find many smiles, much laughter, and mellow atmosphere. What do you NOT find in a Kava Bar? You do not find rowdy and aggressive behavior. You do not find drunken fights or anger. You do not find anxiety, stress, or harassment Why are people opening Kava Bars? Sometimes people will visit a Kava Bar while traveling and experience the effects of Kava and the unique environment and want to recreate that in their own home town. The “Bula Lifestyle” is something that’s been missing from the American experience and we are just now beginning to realize it. “Peace and Happiness” are overused and often have little real meaning. This is not the case in a real Kava Bar, peace and happiness is truly the soul of the Kava Bar.

How does a good “Bula Person” behave? Share a shell (cup) of Kava with the people gathered at the Kava Bar, smile and laugh often, let the Kava lighten your mood and relieve your stress. In a Kava Bar every stranger is truly a friend that you haven’t met. What is the future of Kava Bars? Kava Bars will be the next social phenomena in the United States. Our society is filled with strife, stress, anxiety, madness… Kava Bars give people an alternative to drugs and alcohol to escape. The time is ripe for the “Bula Lifestyle” to take root.